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...nd greaseproof paper, food paper, and burger bags, all perfect for wrapping up sandwiches, burgers, panini, and more! We have a team of dedicated design experts waiting to help you with your creative design project free of charge! You can also handle the design yourself by downloading the templates on the product you choose.

Order your personalized greaseproof paper online from just 1,000 pieces today! Our packaging experts are always at your service if you have any questions, special requests or if you need samples of our products. 

105% price guarantee

At Limepack, price is a high priority, which is why we do not produce the packaging ourselves but work with a network of manufacturers to find the best available price for you. Our 105% price guarantee ensures that we offer the best prices on the market. If you happen to find a better price elsewhere, we’ll not only match the price 100%, but also give you an additional 5% discount.

Fully customizable greaseproof paper 

Our personalized greaseproof paper is 100 % customizable as we can print your design on the entire surface of the paper on one side and cut it to your desired size. The print on the greaseproof paper will be reflected on the other side due to the slight transparency of the paper. However, when you serve a burger, sandwich or wrap, your custom greaseproof paper will look really nice and reflect your business and story perfectly when your customers are enjoying their food! 

CMYK or Pantone

We use Pantone colors to print our food paper and burger bags, while our greaseproof paper can be printed with both CMYK and Pantone. If you’re interested in more than 2 colors in your design, we recommend using CMYK. This is because with CMYK, we can print as many colors as you like in the design without any additional cost! However, if you’re looking for a very specific design and need some very precise colors, choosing Pantone colors would be the perfect fit for you. 

We print the greaseproof paper with coated Pantone colors, meaning the print will look glossy. The food paper and burger bags are printed with uncoated Pantone colors, meaning the colors will look a little more muted and the print will have a matte finish.


The printing method for the custom printed sandwich paper is offset print, which ensures a high-quality print and that both the first and the 100,000th piece look identical. The primary cost of using offset print is the set-up cost of the printing plates, which is also why the prices drop the larger the quantity you buy.

What about size?

We offer a large range of customization options for sizes in general, and we can definitely find the size that suits your food or serving purpose. 

Our manufacturer who makes sandwich paper with logo starting from a minimum order of 1.000 pcs., will always print on a paper sized 500x335mm. If you want a size that is half of that, we can cut the paper to that dimension, and then the price will actually be halved. Additionally, due to always using 500x335mm, you can request smaller and medium sizes without paying anything extra. We’ll cut the exact sizes you need - free of charge!

When it comes to our manufacturer starting production from 30.000 pcs., your design is printed on a large roll of paper and then cut to the preferred size. We print your repeat pattern on the entire paper, but if you want your artwork or design to have a specific position on the paper, we need to set it up for registered printing, which costs extra. Also, please note that the smaller the sizes you request, the higher the minimum order quantity will be. 

For burger bags, the standard size is 16,5x15cm. One side of the bag is always 1,5 cm longer to make it easy to separate the two sides. However, our manufacturer can make the burger bags in smaller or larger sizes to match your specific dimensions. If you have any specific size requests, please feel free to reach out to us!

Perfect for all kinds of food

The great thing about our custom printed greaseproof paper is that it’s suitable for a wide range of foods. It’s most commonly used for items like burgers, sandwiches, and paninis, but since it is approved as food contact material it can be used for so much more. We also have customers who use the custom wrapping paper for packaging juicy beefs and other meat products in the supermarket. The custom printed greaseproof paper can also be used as base for pizza, fries or other foods to enhance their presentation. It is only your imagination that sets the limits for what you can use your custom printed food wrapping paper for! The wrapping paper that has not been coated with plastic is safe to use for the grill, freezer and oven, making it perfect for paninis. 

With or without PE-coating?

The manufacturers we work with offer different solutions when it comes to coating. The manufacturer who makes custom greaseproof paper from 1.000 pcs. can only produce this paper without coating. Our manufacturer, who offers custom food paper from 30.000 pcs., can produce it both with and without coating. The burger pockets are always produced with a PE-coating.

What does it mean that the custom wrapping paper is coated? If the paper is coated, it means it has a thin layer of PE plastic. If you’re serving juicy burgers or steaks on top of the coated side, it would prevent the wrapping paper from becoming soggy. The wrapping paper that is not coated is just made from normal paper, which is though a bit thicker and more durable than normal printing paper. 

How about delivery?

To offer as great prices and faster delivery times as possible for our custom printed sandwich paper, we work with various manufacturers. Our manufacturer, which produces greaseproof paper from 1,000 pcs., can deliver in just 4 weeks - and sometimes even faster.

We also work with another manufacturer, which is quite cheaper. However, they have a minimum order quantity of 30,000 pcs. and a delivery time of 9 weeks. Sometimes we can arrange faster delivery, but it’s important that we confirm this in advance.

Is the wrapping paper degradable or recyclable?

The coating on the wrapping paper with logo is actually also the thing that determines its degradability. If the paper is made without coating, then it’s fully degradable in nature. We do not have an estimate of how long it will take for it to decompose. Since it isn’t coated with plastic, it can in theory also be recycled with other paper products. However, most paper products that have been in contact with food are not recycled because it can harm the recycling process of other paper products that have not.

Food paper with a PE-coating cannot be decomposed in nature or in landfills, and should instead be thrown out in a garbage bin with plastic materials. Coated wrapping paper is normally burned as biofuel to make it produce energy for electricity. 

Production in Europe

The manufacturers we work with are based in Europe, ensuring not only low quantities but also fast delivery. The CO2 emission under the transportation is also significantly lower compared to ordering your custom printed greaseproof paper from distant regions such as Asia. 

The best thing about using paper products made in Europe is that most of them come from forests where wildlife is protected and more trees are planted than are cut down. This is possible thanks to the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), a non-profit organization that ensures responsible forest management. In addition, the workers are unionized, which ensures good working conditions. For orders from 50,000 pieces, we can have the sandwich paper FSC® certified for you. Choose European-produced sandwich paper for you and your customers!

Approved as food contact material

All of our custom printed greaseproof paper is made in accordance with the European Food Regulations, so that the sandwich paper can be used as a food contact material. The ink that is used to print on the paper is food safe, and does not contain any chemicals that cannot be used on food packaging.  

If you have any questions or need specific information about our personalized greaseproof paper, don’t hesitate to contact us on or on +353 89 446 2019. We look forward to working with you!

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