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Unique branded paper cups

Why drink your coffee from a plain white and anonymous cup? Brighten up your day and make your daily coffee ritual a visual experience with a paper cup with your logo print or maybe... Read more

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...ven your favorite quote? Invite your customers to a hot cup of coffee, chocolate or tea to-go and give your marketing a refreshing twist. Achieve maximum brand awareness of your logo or trademark over a longer period. With our branded paper cups with logo, your recipient will not be forgetting you anytime soon!

Boost your brand awareness with printed matters

For the customer meeting, parent-teacher meeting or at the exhibition? Regardless of the occasion, the meeting between people often starts with a good cup of coffee, whether you are a coffee shop, cafe, public institution or company. Why not add an extra ‘drop’ to your visual identity and exploit the opportunity to serve your logo or message directly in the hands of your recipient with our printed paper cups? Our high-quality, exclusive paper cups leave a good first impression – exactly as you want to be remembered yourself!

Single Wall Paper Cups Vs. Double Wall Paper Cups – what to choose?

The rule of thumb when choosing your desired paper cup with logo or print, is, that it is always a good idea to know for what purpose you will be needing your paper cups. If you plan to serve mainly cold or beverages at room temperatures such as soft drinks, lemonade, juice or other fizzy drinks in your paper cups, then our single wall paper cups is the safe choice. Should you instead be looking for paper cups to contain hot beverages like tea, coffee or hot chocolate then our double wall paper cups are the right option for you!

Single Wall Paper Cups – a good ‘all-rounder’

Single wall paper cups are approved for both cold and hot drinks. You can therefore preferably also use single wall paper cups to serve warmer types of coffee with a relatively high content of milk products, resulting in a lower temperature. Due to its large field of application, it is – not surprisingly – the most popular type of paper cup among our customers and also the one that you typically find in the range of leading coffee shops such as Starbucks, Costa Coffee etc.

We offer a variety of different sizes of our single wall paper cup so you are sure to find the size that suits you! Our single wall paper cup comes in 5 different sizes as per below:

  • ‘The Shot’
    4 oz (110 ml)
  • ‘Pick-Me-Up’
    7 oz (210 ml)
  • ‘Cup-of-Joe’
    8 oz (240 ml)
  • ‘Mug-a-Chino’
    12 oz (350 ml)
  • ‘The Monday Killer’
    16 oz (450 ml)

The paper cup is waterproof and can be printed in full colour. The print is – similar to our other cups with print – 100% odor free and tasteless. In addition to offering the single wall paper cup in 5 different sizes, we also offer different paper thicknesses in our to-go cups, depending on budget and usage.

Our to-go paper cups are suitable for both cold and hot drinks, and can even be used to serve alcohol in - many of our customers do! However, there is a risk that alcoholic beverages with more than 5% alcohol, and generally strong alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, rum and the like can decrease the quality of the cup and cause it to leak. If you have any questions in regards to this, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Double Wall Paper Cups – suitable for hot beverages

Are you on the lookout for disposable paper cups with maximum comfort, keeping your hot drinks at the desired temperature over a longer period of time? Then double wall paper cups are a perfect choice! Our double wall paper cups are ideal when you want to bring your favorite coffee to-go, whether you prefer a good, old ‘Cup-of-Joe’, Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato or maybe something else. You can easily recognize the double wall paper cup by its additional bottom layer.

Double wall paper cups are also great for your favorite type of tea while on the go, regardless if you fancy an Earl Gray, Quince or Green Matcha Tea? Last but not least, you can of course also use our double wall paper cups to pour and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate in the cold autumn or winter weather.

Due to its solid structure, our double wall paper cups with logo or print are ideal for serving hot beverages as you know them from bakeries, cafes, gas stations, etc. Our cup sizes are suitable for hot drinks in all shapes and sizes such as tea, hot chocolate, Americano, Café Latte, Cappuccino, etc.

The insulating layer of air between the outer and inner layers of the paper cup ensures that the beverage stays warm for a long time, whilst ensuring that you do not burn your hands are not burned and at the same time ensuring that you do not burn yourself on the beverage.

Our double wall paper cup with logo print comes in 3 sizes:

  • ‘Cup-of-Joe’
    8 oz (240 ml)
  • ‘Mug-a-Chino’
    12 oz (350 ml)
  • ‘The Monday Killer’
    16 oz (450 ml)

Unique paper cups – more than just a container

Do you have a very specific inquiry or wish for your paper cup, that raises awareness even more and make your recipient go ‘Wow!’? In collaboration with our manufacturers, we offer Europe's most luxurious paper cup. We – among other things – offer unique and exclusive paper cups with gold or silver foil on the outside.

If you want to interact with your receiver, the double wall paper cup can be made into a coupon or voucher cup by cutting a voucher into the outer wall of the paper cup. This way you can arrange competitions, lotteries or distribute vouchers.

It is almost only your imagination that sets the limit, so get in touch with us and let us know what you are looking for.

Set off with offset-print!

There are many opinions about the various types of printing and which one is the better. At Limepack we operate with offset-print, as the printing plates for this printing method are cheaper. In this way you as a customer are guaranteed a competitive price for both small and large quantitites.

Offset-printing is also the most common printing method in terms of printing on paper cups. Offset-print uses printing plates, which allows high quality printing and, not least, high image resolution. This means that you can also print regular pictures in good quality. Since offset-printing is intended for larger quantities, manufacturers offering offset-printing often operate with a minimum quantity. At Limepack, this is a minimum of 1,000 pcs.

Expand your product range with more designs in smaller quantities

At Limepack we like things that are refreshing and easy – so is our packaging concept. You do not need to be left with large quantities of unused and dust-covered paper cups hidden away in a remote storage room. At Limepack you order the number YOU need!

Therefore, we are offering one of the lowest minimum quantities on the market when ordering your paper cups, starting from only 1000 pcs.! The minimum quantity of 1000 pcs. applies to both single and double wall paper cups. This way you can renew your designs as you see fit and maybe even match the background colours on your paper cups with the season or the latest colour trends? Only your creativity sets the boundary! 

Contact our Limepack team today for guidance and help with designing your packaging with print.

Paper Cups with print in all colours of the rainbow

We offer our paper cups with your own print in all sorts of colour combinations. Whether you prefer paper cups in a discreet and stylish design that gives a simple, minimalistic and professional look or are requesting a fresh and colourful design that truly captures your recipient’s attention, is entirely up to you. At LimePack we are ready to meet your requirements and preferences – the sky's the limit! As an extra service, we at Limepack can help with your design, free-of-charge.

The colour model we use when producing your packaging with printing is called CMYK. CMYK is short for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (black) and is the most commonly used colour model in the packaging production industry and for other printed items and matters. Full-colour printing with CMYK allows you to vary and combine colours endlessly – and beneficial to you, the price remains the same, regardless of the desired number of colours you choose for the design of your disposable cups.

Matt or glossy? Your choice!

We offer our paper cups with logo print with either a matt or glossy surface. Should you prefer a more rough surface with less colour saturation, the matte surface is the perfect choice. Should you, on the other hand prefer paper cups with a high colour saturation and a vivid and shiny reproduction of the colour of your logo or print, we instead recommend the glossy surface.

Coffee to-go? Lid up!

During a busy and hectic work-day, we know that time can be short and there is not always time to sit down and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of tea or coffee. With the practical lid for paper cups you can bring your coffee to-go without a hassle. Lids for paper cups with logo are perfectly suited for you to bring along in the car on the way to work or on the bike on the way to the school or university. The small drinking hole in the lid allows you to enjoy hot drinks without worrying about scalding your lips or burning your tongue. Adjust your sips as you like with lids for your paper cups.

Our lid for paper cups comes in 8 colours:

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Green
  4. Gold
  5. Blue
  6. Navy blue
  7. Pink
  8. Orange

And in 2 different sizes:

Ø 80 mm in diameter: fits 8 oz paper cups (240 ml), both single and double wall

Ø 90 mm in diameter: fits 12 oz paper cups (350 ml) and 450 ml paper cups (16 oz), both single and double wall

Take your carbon footprint into consideration

At Limepack it is our vision to be green in more than one sense. Hence, we strive for a more sustainable world and we put a virtue in offering paper cups with logo print that protects the environment and emits as low CO2 in the atmosphere as possible. We do this by co-operating exclusively with the largest and best packaging manufacturers in Europe. By doing that we ensure that CO2-emissions during transportation stay minimized. With good conscience and with the environment taken into consideration, you can easily order your paper cups with logo at Limepack – consider the environment and order your next packaging with print from European manufacturers instead of the Far East.

Show social responsibility with biodegradable packaging

Do you want to strengthen your company's green profile? Not a problem! We offer discrete bio-labels on your paper cups with logo. Stand out from your competitors and highlight your company's CSR-policy and sustainable messages

Our biodegradable paper cups are, in contrast to normal paper cups, made without any plastic coating, they are instead made with a water-based coating. The paper cups are therefore fully recyclable with paper so they can be recycled in all standard facilities. However, those recycling facilities are not yet used to the water-based coating, so they will often sort the cups as if they had plastic. Therefore, they might not be sorted with the recyclable cardboard trash but with the plastic instead, by lack of awareness. 

However, we know that the systems will adapt soon, and this water-coating is the future of paper cups as it is a way to minimize the production of plastic. They are, furthermore, made without using any kinds of fossil fuels as normal paper cups are made of. These biodegradable and recyclable paper cups are the most sustainable option available on the market.

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