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...ant to make sure that you have the same great experience buying packaging online, as buying in person. And if you need help with the design of the paper bags, our designers will even help you with making it for free. 

EU's best prices on paper bags with logo

At Limepack we want to make branded paper bags available for the many and we know that, if we want to do this we need to have great prices. So in order for us to keep the promise of always having the best prices, we offer a price guarantee if you find it cheaper somewhere else, and we will even give a discount of 5% on the order. 

Do you want to see the product before buying it?

In order for us to create the easiest ordering process of paper bags as possible, we offer the possibility of sending samples of our paper bags for free. So if you are not sure which size you are looking for or do you just want to feel the quality, to make sure it can carry your products? Then get some free samples of our paper bags. The samples are sent with Limepack branding, we cannot make sample prints with your logo on the paper bags.

European production

Our paper bags are only produced here in Europe to ensure fast delivery times and low minimum order quantities. But the best thing about production in Europe is the low CO2 emitted during transportation. To ensure the great prices, but also a low minimum order quantity, we offer a “best price” product and a product where the minimum order quantity is 3000 pcs. 

What are paper bags with logo used for?

Paper bags are probably the most common packaging product because it is used by almost all businesses, where you take the product home. So no matter if it is the local clothing store, bakery, the burger joint, or the large grocery stores like Lidl, they use branded paper bags for being recognized when their customers leave the store. 

Due to so many companies using paper bags, there have also been made different kinds of paper bags to fit the purposes. Some categories of paper bags are made for a very specific use, where others are really common and can be used for everything. 

There are some paper bags made as bread bags, which are primarily used by bakeries to put the bakery products in, and then they often use other bags which the customer can carry the bread in when leaving the store. The paper bread bags are also approved as food contact materials, which is not the case for most of the other paper bags. 

One of the large categories for paper bags are the ones that are used by companies selling takeaway food. They are normally categorized by being shorter and wider, so the bags are very stable so they can easily carry a couple of menus with drinks. But there is also another type of takeaway bags, which are larger without a handle so the bags are then folded a bit to keep the food hot. These takeaway paper bags are especially commonly used by burger joints.

Then there is the category of standard carrier paper bags which is, of course, the most used kind of paper bags. Since these carrier paper bags, both are used by grocery stores, bakeries, fashion stores, and you name it. The carrier bags are normally quite large and have a handle, so they can carry quite a lot without breaking. 

Another paper bag category that exists are paper bags which are coated with aluminum foil so that they can be closed and used for different products; it is especially used as coffee bags. These paper bags are specially made because they can via heat be closed and made airtight so they can keep the product fresh for use. 

Do you have any specific needs for your paper bags or do you want to know more about which kind of paper bag fits your purpose? Then reach out to packaging experts and let them help you with finding the paper bag for your needs. If we do not have the product category that you are looking for, then we will also gladly use our large network of manufacturers to find the right solution for you. 

Do you need handles?

One of the things that influence what the bags are used for and how it looks is if the paper bags have handles or not. The paper bags without a handle are often folded a bit so to close them, and for the customer to be able to hold them. When it comes to the paper bags with handles there are two options: the handle can either be flat or twisted. The twisted handle does cost extra, but it also gives a more luxurious look. 

Why branded paper bags are essential for your business

In a world where people have more and more opportunities to choose from when going out to eat or getting food on the go, the importance of the customers remembering you and your name cannot be underestimated. It might seem simple but one of the easiest ways to be in the top of the mind for customers and potential customers is for them to see your name/brand associated with your products. Takeaway paper bags with your logo is a great way to do this. 

How are paper bags printed

The paper bags are printed with Pantone colours, so you get very specific colours that match your brand guidelines and make you stand out. The printing on the paper bags is by standard only 30% coverage of the surface on the front of the bag. If you have a more specific design for the paper bags, they can be printed 100% on both the front and the back. Since the paper bags are closed on the bottom to make them very solid, it is not possible to print on the bottom but only the sides. 

Are paper bags recyclable and degradable?

One of the reasons why paper bags have become very popular in the last couple of years is because of the focus on the large plastic waste in the ocean. Since paper bags are made virgin paper and most of them are not coated with plastic or aluminum they are able to degrade in nature. It is the same with paper bags with print, the ink used for the print are degradable. It doesn’t mean that you should throw your paper bags in nature because it still takes between 6-12 months for them to degrade in nature. 

The best thing to do is to throw out the paper bags and especially if you can sort the paper bags and send it to paper waste because the paper bags can then be recycled and used for making other products. If the paper bags are coated or have been used for food materials, they should be thrown out as normal trash, since they are not recycled because the quality of the recycled paper will be very low. 

Paper bags vs plastic bags

One of the things that have been discussed a lot is whether plastic bags or paper bags are more sustainable. Which there of course are many perspectives to, so we will just try to cover some of the most important ones in regards to sustainability. 

Plastic bags are not degradable in nature, it is possible to make biodegradable plastic bags that can degrade in special industrial compost since it is very difficult to differentiate bio and non-bio plastic bags from each other, these special industrial composts are not very common. Whereas paper bags both can degrade in nature but also at standard compost facilities. 

When it comes to recyclability, then both kinds of bags are actually recyclable if they are collected and brought to recycling facilities. The primary problem with plastic bags and recyclability is that many plastic bags are fragile, and the material will, therefore, be tough to recycle and the recycled plastic will often have bad quality. 

The last aspect of sustainability is the CO2 emitted during the production of both paper and plastic bags. It has been a subject for many research papers, and in Denmark, the Technical University have made a report saying that plastic bags are more climate-friendly due to less CO2 emitted during production. The report actually ends up concluding that paper bags have to be reused 45 times to emit as little CO2 as plastic bags do for one-time use. It is bleached paper bags that are compared with the standard shopping plastic bag made of LDPE. 

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