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Custom printed popcorn boxes

No matter if you are looking to serve popcorn in a cinema or hand out popcorn at an event, custom printed popcorn boxes are the perfect way to show your business. The popcorn boxes... Read more

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... can of course also be used to serve candy, chips and a lot of other snacks in them, and are perfect for serving your customer a small or large bowl of snacks. The branded popcorn boxes are made in high quality, and the paper thickness on them is 250g/sqm, and the surface of the boxes is glossy which ensures no imprint of greasy fingers. 

At Limepack we want to offer the cheapest personalised popcorn boxes, and we guarantee that we have the cheapest personalised popcorn boxes available with a 105% price guarantee. If you find it cheaper at another place, we will give you a discount of 5% of the cheaper price you found, for not keeping the promise. At Limepack price is a key priority. 

Order your personalised popcorn boxes easy and online at Limepack, and save the time of sending a lot of e-mails back and forth. If you have any questions, our packaging experts are at your service, and if you need any help with the design, our experienced designers will help you make the design for free.

An endless number of design possibilities

We can print all over the surface on the branded popcorn boxes, which means you can choose the design on the 4 sides of the boxes. We print the popcorn boxes with CMYK colours, which means you can get as many colours in the design as you'd like. So, if you are looking to getva different print or design on each side of the box, it will not cost you any extra. The print will also be on the bottom of the boxes since the bottom is folded, and the bottom is therefore printed with the rest of the box. 

If you are looking for something special, or if have you some specific colours in your brand that need to be printed - we have the solution for you. We can also print our popcorn boxes with Pantone colours that have a wider variety of colours than CMYK. And if you want to have your popcorn boxes with gold or silver print on them, we can also print them with hot-foil. Contact our team of packaging experts and they will help you with the solution for you. 

UK’s largest selection of branded popcorn boxes

When we say that we have the largest selection of branded popcorn boxes, it is not a joke. We have as a standard 8 different sizes of popcorn boxes, where the smallest size can contain 17 oz and the largest can contain 102 oz (3 l). And if you are looking for a larger size than 3 l, we can also make sizes up till 6 l - we just have a minimum order quantity of 10.000 pcs. of this size.  And if you want a smaller size than the 17 oz, we have had a customer who has chosen paper cups or ice cream cups as their smaller size. 

Our standard sizes have the following measurements:

  • The snack master: 17 oz (0,5 l)
    Top: 82 x 82 mm, bottom 63 x 63 mm, height 85 mm
  • Hand-out 22 oz (0,65 l)
    Top: 87 x 87 mm, bottom 63 x 63 mm, height 110 mm
  • The cafeteria: 34 oz (1 l)
    Top: 97 x 97 mm, bottom 70 x 70 mm, height 125 mm
  • The hungry swimmer: 51 oz (1,5 l)
    Top: 111 x 111 mm, bottom 80 x 80 mm, height 145 mm
  • Game day: 61 oz (1,7 l)
    Top: 115 x 115 mm, bottom 80 x 80 mm, height 160 mm
  • The sportster: 68 oz (2 l)
    Top: 123 x 123 mm, bottom 85 x 85 mm, height 185 mm
  • Movie-time: 85 oz (2,5 l)
    Top: 127 x 127 mm, bottom 85 x 85 mm, height 207 mm
  • The grand old man: 102 oz (3 l)
    Top: 135 x 135 mm, bottom 95 x 95 mm, height 191 mm

Personalised popcorn boxes for all occasions

With that many sizes, it is not always easy to know what the different sizes are used for. We have tried to give the sizes some matching names. The sizes are primarily used in three different settings: events, canteens/cafeterias or cinemas. The larger sizes such from 2 l and up are primarily used in cinemas due to the size, where the customer needs to have a rather long time for them to consume the snack, and where a two-hour movie or show is a good occasion for it. The small sizes are especially used at company events or fairs, and this could for example be a car company having an open house, where they get popcorn for children to distract them while their parents try their potential new car. The two sizes 1 l and 1,5 l are actually mostly used in the cafeteria of the swimming arena or in-side arenas for handball or basketball. The size of 1,7 l and 2 l are normally used for bacon chips at the stadium when you go to watch your favourite football team play. 

The bottom of the boxes is folded and not round as you would see on other containers and how some popcorn boxes with logo are made. They are not good for containing cheesy or buttery popcorn since the juice will start dripping out off the bottom since it is not folded. 

With or without automatic folded bottom?

Our popcorn boxes come in two types: manual bottom and flat bottom. Both boxes are delivered in flat form to save space during transportation and need to be popped up to contain popcorn or whatever you want to serve in them. 

The manual bottom popcorn boxes come with 4 separate tabs that need to be folded together to close the bottom. This takes about 6 seconds. 

The automatic bottom popcorn boxes, on the other hand, is pre-glued together in such a way that the two opposite corners just need a quick push for the box to automatically pop-closed. This saves a lot of time and makes for a sturdier feeling popcorn box. 

Branded popcorn boxes delivered faster than expected

Our branded popcorn boxes are made in Europe and delivered directly from our manufacturer to you. At Limepack we work to always reach your deadline. We have a standard delivery time of 3 weeks, but we can deliver in 2 weeks with our DHL+ delivery, and if your event is within a week we can deliver it within a week with our express delivery option. 

We have a minimum order quantity of 200 pcs., and while the price pr. piece is rather high at that quantity, it falls drastically the more pieces you buy. 

Environmentally friendly popcorn boxes with print

The popcorn boxes are made of 100% virgin paper, which means that the paper has not been recycled. This means that the popcorn boxes are able to degrade in nature, and that they can be collected and recycled at recycling facilities. The main problem is though that most recycling facilities do not allow food packaging to be recycled with the rest of the paper that is being recycled. It is nevertheless still important to throw it out as paper garbage, because when the infrastructure is in place, it can be recycled. We are able to make the popcorn boxes in FSC® certified paper from at least 50.000 pcs.

The great thing about the popcorn boxes with print being made in Europe, is that most of the paper used in production of packaging comes from forestry with conditions that comply with the FSC® principles of sustainable forestry. The CO2 emission during transportation is also lower than getting products from Asia or America as an example.

Ready to be used for food

Our custom printed popcorn boxes are made in accordance with the European Food Regulations. This means that they are approved to be in contact with food - actually all sorts of food. There have not been used any flour substances or other chemicals in the process of making the popcorn boxes. The ink that is used for the print on the boxes is food safe and it is also taste- and odorless. 

If you have any questions or need something more specifics about our personalised popcorn boxes with your logo, then do not hesitate to contact us on or on +44 0 7721 095925 - We look forward to working with you!

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