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Make sure that you’re being remembered by your customers for more than your tasty food - stand out of the crowd with custom printed food boxes! The Chinese boxes have its foldable top... Read more

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...op printed in full colour which opens up for endless design possibilities. Ordering food boxes with your print from Limepack is not only enhancing the knowledge of your customers, but it’s also easy, smooth and cheap for you! No need to overflood your storage room with high order volumes, you can order as many or as few as you’d like starting from only 1000 pcs.

Working with Limepack

We’re a group of packaging nerds at Limepack, you could say that we know a thing or two about disposable packaging and its printing capabilities - and we always strive to become better! We believe that great customer service is key. When getting in touch with us you’ll get a contact person who’ll be with you throughout the entire process: from making sure that you’re finding the right size and product to ensuring that you have received a great food box with your print.

If you’re the tiniest bit unsure of what size of the noodle box you’d need, you’re more than welcome to order a free sample to try out the two sizes of the chinese box. When you’ve decided on your ultimate size - our design team’s ready to help you create the perfect design for it - for free as well!

Great prices and production in Europe

We’re enabling a low minimum order quantity by producing the custom printed food boxes in Europe, in Germany to be more precise. Not only does this allow for smaller batches, it’s also kinder to the environment! Less co2 is emitted with a shorter transportation distance in comparison to shipping of take away boxes from Asia or other places outside of Europe.

We aim to not only be competitive on the market, we want to offer the best prices! You might be aware of it already, but you’re always granted a 105% price guarantee on all of our products. If you find the same type of disposable food box elsewhere for a lower price, we’ll not only match the price of the food boxes, but also lower the quote by 5%! You could simply send a mail to us in regards to it and we’ll have a look as soon as possible.

Become unforgettable with your design printed on our foldable noodle boxes

The custom printed takeaway boxes with a foldable top are great for many reasons. They allow you to serve many types of dishes, from fries and fruit salads to noodles and kebab. The foldable top is easy to close, keeps the food warm and makes it easy for the customer to bring the food with them on the run. Furthermore, our noodle boxes are printed with a full-colour print and CMYK-colours which means that you can print any design (with as many colours as you want!) or pictures (with a dpi of at least 300) without any additional cost. The fast food boxes are white which makes your print and colour stand out from the background in a great way. The print cover is 100% of the outer disposable chinese box - Let creativity be the only thing setting limits to your design and new food boxes with print!

A great thing with branded packaging, and more specifically a branded food box, is the awareness and customer experience it enhances and provides. Having your design and logo printed on your noodle boxes promotes your business to both current and potential customers that might see others enjoying delicious food out of your take away boxes. We’ve all seen people in the streets, in a park, at the pier or on social media eating yummy food and BAM we’ve been inspired for our next lunch. Since the great food seems to do the job, why not let the packaging tell others where this food can be found? With branded food boxes you can save up on some advertising costs having a great printing game!

If you’re not entirely sure on how your noodle boxes should be designed, or if you have any questions regarding printing possibilities - do not hesitate to reach out to our team of packaging experts and designers. Our experienced design team will also help you put the design together, completely free of charge of course.

Fast food boxes suitable for various types of food

These Chinese boxes can be used for many different purposes. The foldable top makes them great for pommes frites, pasta, noodles, fried rice and other types of hot food, but they can also be used for cold dishes and snacks such as freshly cutted fruit and salads. The PE-coated layer on the inside makes them strong to liquids, it is actually the same type of coating as the one used for standard paper cups. Therefore, many types of businesses use this type of food box since it’s suitable for both hot and cold food, has a PE-coating and can be closed with a foldable top.

The fast food boxes are available in two different sizes, 16oz and 26oz. The smaller size, 16oz, is a common size for lunches and snacks. The bigger size, 26oz, is more commonly used for larger meals and noodles. As mentioned above, you could simply order a free sample to see the different sizes and decide on your ideal one. To do so, you simply click on the “get samples'' button on the home page or reach out to our Limepack team for more information.

Custom take away food boxes - more options

Besides this popular Chinese food box (actually, our most popular disposable meal box!), we have the opportunity to offer other types of takeaway boxes. We have had customers who have ordered custom printed sushi boxes, burger boxes with designs, take away boxes with windows and much more. Since we can change the dimensions of the boxes, this type of food box can fulfill many needs. In theory, we’re able to produce and custom print almost any type of takeaway box.

Here’re some examples of other food boxes we can produce and custom print with your design:

Maybe you're on the search for a custom printed pizza box for your new restaurant? Or perhaps a designed takeaway box for your delicious homemade cupcakes? More and more customers are requesting printed fast food boxes, and we’ve already designed and produced a few different ones after specific needs. We’d love to help you as well! Just reach out to us via and we’ll look into your unique project!

The food box and the environmentally friendliness

When determining what the most environmentally friendly packaging solution to your food is, there are many factors to take into consideration. In fact, it could be quite tricky to give a straightforward answer. Let’s divide it into three categories: Degradability, recyclability and production process. A lot of packaging, including the standard fast food boxes, have a plastic coating to make them durable. Unfortunately, even if most of the packaging is in paper, this plastic layer makes them undegradable by nature. The noodle boxes can be ordered as biodegradable excluding this plastic layer. However, the print on these needs to be approved before processing the order to productiontion due to the fact that the printing quality on these fast food boxes differ from the standard ones. These BIO-boxes have a matt surface on the opposite of the standard boxes which have a glossy one. If you’re interested in these biodegradable take away boxes, please reach out to us with an inquiry and we’ll help you out!

However, the standard food boxes can be recycled at special facilities. These special facilities are made to accept paper that has been coated with plastic and are able to separate the plastic from the paper. Hereafter, the facilities are able to recycle the paper from the food boxes. Since only special facilities can recycle them fully, and not many countries have these facilities, the food boxes will sadly enough often end up not being recycled. We urge you to investigate your local options!

Moving on to the production process of the noodle boxes, having the production partner in Europe is making a great difference in terms of co2 emissions. A local producer equals a shorter shipping route which leads to less carbon emissions.

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