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Custom printed bread bags

No matter if you are selling bread, sandwiches or cakes then bread bags with your logo is the perfect way to showcase your business for your customers. But the bags will not only... Read more

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...ote your business for existing customers, but new customers will also notice your shop when your customers are walking around with the bag. The bags are small without a handle which makes them perfect for both sandwiches, cookies, bread or other products that you would normally find at the bakery.

You can order these bags easily online, we will help with the design of them and you can get free samples of the products also. We do not have the possibility of making a sample print of bags, but we can make you a design proof before the order starts.

Great quality at low prices for everyone

We believe that products of high quality should be made available to everybody, so it doesn’t only have to be big companies who can buy sandwich bags with print. The bags are made of paper with 40g/sqm 40g/m² to ensure top quality and that the bags can carry all sorts of bread.  We ensure low prices no matter who is buying but of course, the start-up cost of the production makes a larger quantity cheaper than lower quantities. We do not have any hidden costs when buying our products, we even include delivery to all of the EU for free. We do have the possibility of delivering outside of the EU, so if you are looking for this please contact us.

Bread bags with logo in sizes for all usages

Our bags come in 5 different sizes; the small size can fit a couple of croissants for the hungry customer that would like a snack on the way home, where the bigger ones can be used for baguettes or large white bread. So no matter if you are looking for bread bags for your bakery snacks or for larger breads such as rye bread or white bread. 

The bags have no handles, and they have no transparent plastic folie to see the product through. This just ensures that the quality of the bags are of a high standard, and they won’t break when your customers are on the way home. 

The paper that the bags are produced with are certified and approved to be in contact with food, the ink used to print on the sandwich bags is also approved to be in contact with and it is taste and odor-free.

Our bread bags with logo comes in a variety of different sizes, and if you would like other sizes than our standard we are able to make custom bags on request; below you can see our 5 different standard sizes:

The sizes are described in Width/Length/depth:

  • The cookie bag (418)
  • The snack bag (422)
  • The sandwich bag (426)
  • The wheat bread bag (429)
  • The big brother (433)

With or without window

Our bread bags with custom print are able to be printed all over the bags, which gives a lot of different design possibilities. One of the things that though influences the design surfaces is whether the bags have a window or not. They have two different great things about them - the bread bags without a window have a large surface where your brand, logo, or design can be shown and the food is inside the bag. The bread bags with a window are great because you can showcase your bread, cake, or whatever you are serving - and still have a design on the rest of the surface. So if you want bread bags with a window and your design around the bag, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

What are the sizes mostly used for and by whom?

The cookie bag mainly used by bakeries, kiosks and gas station who serve some baked goods that you can take on the go. This could for example include a single donut or two cookies, as they fit perfectly for this purpose. We also have some event companies who choose the cookie bags if they are handing out samples of a bakery product or uses them as small paper bags with different samples.

The snack bag is just a bit bigger so you are able to fit in a couple of donuts, croissants or even some small pizza rolls if you offer than on the go. We primarily experience that this bag is used by corner shops such as 7/eleven and other places where you would bring your smaller snacks on the go. 

The sandwich bag is, as its name describes, perfect for sandwiches and especially bagels or wider sandwiches that you would find wrapped in sandwich paper. The sandwich bag with print can both be used by bakeries that sell sandwiches or the bread for sandwiches, but also a lot of sandwich or bagel shops use these bags.

The wheat bread bags are in general used by bakeries or grocery stores with their own bakery. The grocery stores both use it to sell the wheat bread and other kinds of homemade bread inside the store where it is prepacked, they also use in the bakery where they put their freshly baked bread in them. 

The big brother is the biggest of our so-called bread bags the size of the bag also allows the bag to be used in cases such as to go foods such as burgers, noodles, and when you go to the baker and buy several pieces of bread. This also means that this size is also used by a lot of different companies both the burger joint and bakery can use this small bag size.

Fully covered custom printed bread bags

We print our bread bags with Pantone colours, we are able to the bags in up to 4 different colours on the bags outside. We do not have any limitations in the Pantone colours that you can choose between, so you can use all the different colours that you would like in the design. How much of the bag that you would like to design is completely up to you - We are able to make a fully covering design on the bread bags but we can also just put a logo on both sides, there is no additional cost for choosing to print all of the surface on the bag. We print the sandwich bags with offset print to ensure the highest quality of the print as possible, with this printing method we can also be 100% sure that the design will be as expected when the design was made.

The paper of bread bags that we print on can either be in white or brown, where the white background makes the design more clear and easier to see it. The brown background gives a more natural and environmentally friendly feeling and look for the bread bags. 

The many opportunities with the bags both with the amounts of colours, background and fully covering print allow you to be really creative in the designing process without adding a lot of cost for your bread bags. So you can both get your logo, social media profiles and text on your bread bags without having to worry about if it is possible and how expensive it will be. 

You can use the design to make your business and your delicacies stand out in the crowd and make potential new customers notice your business. 

The production of paper sandwich bags

We produce our bags in Europe to ensure fast delivery time and a lower minimum order quantity than if they were to be produced in Asia. We are able to deliver paper bags from 10.000 pcs., and the delivery time is 6 weeks from the order has been placed. We are as standard not able to offer any express delivery but if you have a deadline please reach out to us, and we might be able to deliver it faster than 6 weeks. We do unfortunately not offer tracking for this product since it is sent with individual contractors to keep the delivery cost low. The bags are delivered in boxes of 1000 pcs. so that you can store some of them while only use one box at a time, under the product information you are able to see the dimensions of the boxes.

The great thing about production in Europe is the low co2 emission during the transportation of the breads bags with print all around Europe. 

Environmental friendliness of bread bags with print

The paper used to produce the bread bags are virgin fiber paper, which means that it comes from newly cut down trees. By law, it is prohibited that recycled paper is not allowed to use for food contact materials such as these bread bags with logo. The brown bags do look like they are recycled but, it comes from 100% virgin paper. Since the bags are made of 100% virgin paper, there is also no plastic coating inside the bags so the bags are 100% plastic-free.

The paper used to make the bread bags come from forests in Europe, which means that it can come from FSC certified forests, but our manufacturer is unfortunately not FSC certified and we are therefore not allowed to sell them as FSC certified. We do have the possibility of making FSC certified paper bags, from another manufacturer but they have minimum order quantity of 100.000 pcs., so if you are looking for this then please contact us on

The bags are recyclable if they are sent to recycling facilities, but a lot of these facilities do not accept food contact materials due to the restrictions of what recycled paper from food contact materials can be used for. We do therefore encourage you to throw the bread bags out in paper thrash so the recycling facilities that allow paper from food contact materials can get them for recycling. Since our standard personalised bread bags can be recycled we do not offer a bio version for this product. 

If you have any comments or questions to our bread bags or need some more information about our prices you can find that on our productside or contacting our customer service on

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