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Personalized takeaway cones for food

Want to add a touch of uniqueness to the way you serve your meals? Serve them in custom printed cones! Not only are they a stylish way to serve your food, they’re also... Read more

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...per practical and make eating on-the-go easy. The cones can be used for any food imaginable, dry or greasy, and you can easily fill them with anything from delicious cheese fries to nachos or popcorn and crispy churros.  Your customers will love how convenient the cones are, and you will be remembered for your fun and different way of serving your meals. Order your takeaway cones today and stand out from the rest! 

Ordering from us is super fast and easy, and if you have any questions about a product or need help with your design, our packaging and design experts are always on hand to help - free of charge.

The perfect choice for any takeaway meal

Made from durable and greaseproof cardboard, there's absolutely no limit to what the cones can be used for! They're suitable for serving everything from snacks like candied almonds to meals like fish and chips and desserts like nutella crepes. The cones are great for any business selling on-the-go food, such as food trucks and food booths, but also the ideal packaging for shops selling bubble waffles and churros. They are especially a great choice for busy and crowded events like festivals and sports matches, where there are often long lines for food. Not only do they make serving quick and easy, but they’re also super convenient for customers to hold and carry around! 

Choose from a variety of sizes of takeaway cones 

We work with several manufacturers to offer you a wide selection with many sizes and shapes. Whatever your specific needs are, you're sure to find the perfect takeaway cone to serve your snacks, meals or desserts in our selection! 

Since we work with different manufacturers, some of the cone sizes vary slightly in their dimensions, but also in their appearance. For example, we have cones with perforated lines that allow your customers to tear off part of the cone while eating their meal. These cones are handy for many meals as your customers can avoid getting sticky fingers. We also have cones with two closable flaps at the top to help your customers keep their food warm and fresh, as well as a version with a raised back to support the food in the cone. 

The small cones in our selection are the perfect size for a variety of snacks such as peanuts, popcorn and bacon chips, and can even be used to serve small portions of French fries. The medium cones can hold a little more, making them perfect for slightly larger portions of fries, but also churros, fish and chips and many other fried delights. This size is also ideal for serving bubble waffles with ice cream. If you want a size for your extra hungry customers, go for our largest size! This size can hold very large meals and will leave your customers more than satisfied. It's also the perfect size for sharing, so customers can enjoy your delicious meals together. We have customers that have used this size for big servings of delicious crepes.

105% price guarantee

We are very confident about our prices, which is why we have a 105% price guarantee on all our products. This means we guarantee that if you find the same product at a lower price on a competitor's website, we’ll match their price and even beat it by 5%! 

Highlight your brand with an eye-catching design

Do you have a specific design in mind that you'd like to bring to life? Our endless design possibilities allow you to do just that! Whether it's a design with a colorful pattern or something more simple and classic, you can get exactly what you want. We promise a final design that will look amazing no matter what! You can handle the design yourself by downloading the templates on the selected product, or have our in-house designers help you set up your design. As an extra service, you will always receive a preview of your customized product for your approval before we send it into production. Best of all? Our design help is completely free of charge! 

Full color printing (CMYK)

We print the food cones in full color and cover the entire surface with your amazing design! The great thing about full color printing is that you can choose which and how many colors you want to include in your design. And you don't have to worry about any extra costs - the price stays the same no matter how many colors you use. Do you want to include an image in your design? Or maybe your slogan or a small message to your customers? No problem! You can freely use all the visual elements you want to highlight your brand.  

Get PE-coated cones for extra durability

Our cones are produced without a PE coating as standard, but are made with greaseproof paper, and can withstand most meals without coming apart or starting to leak. However, one of our manufacturers can produce their cones with a PE coating. If you serve very greasy meals, or meals with a lot of sauce or dressing on top, we recommend that you order your cones with a PE coating to be on the safe side. The cones without PE coating can be both recycled and decomposed in nature as they are plastic-free, but those with a plastic coating cannot, which is why we always encourage you to dispose of them properly.

Easy to use, easy to store

The cones are delivered in flat form, but are super easy to prepare for use. Simply push them open and they're ready to be filled with your meals - it doesn’t get any quicker than this! With their flat shape, storing them until you need them won't be a problem at all. So whether you order 500, 1.000 or more cones, you don't have to worry about them taking up too much space in your storage room!

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