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Showcase your business and food with custom printed soup cups

Custom printed food cups are the perfect way to serve your food, especially hot meals! The thick layer of paper makes sure that your customers can... Read more

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...n take their food cups with them and enjoy your delicious meals on the go. We can customize the whole soup container and we can print both the top and sides of the lid, so you have full control over the design. Serve your food with the story you want to tell without ever having to compromise!

To-go soup cups with lids in all the colours of the rainbow

The soup containers with lids are printed with CMYK colours, which allows you to use as many colours as you would like in the design without having to pay any additional cost. CMYK colours are well known when printing business cards, flyers, etc., so we can also print pictures or text on the cups depending on what you are looking to use them for.

If you have used Pantone colours in your design then please forward us the CMYK code, since we otherwise cannot guarantee that the colours will be the same. If you do not have the CMYK-code then we sometimes can find a comparison.

The printing method for printed soup cups is offset print since the quality is high and ensures that both the first and the last cup will look exactly the same. Another plus when printing with offset-print is the low cost of the printing plates that allows us to offer small quantities.

Glossy surface

Our branded soup cups with lids have a shiny surface that makes them look shiny, which ensures that your brand stands out. The glossy surface also brings out the colors of the design, and especially dark and bright colors complement each other well on the glossy surface.

The glossy surface can be printed in a way that gives the cup a natural and rustic look, if desired. The surface will make the cups feel more robust in the hand, and makes text easier to read in the design.


Our to go soup containers are available in two standard sizes: 300 ml and 480 ml. We are able to produce the cups in smaller sizes, so if you are looking for smaller soup cups, please contact us.

The two sizes can be used for many different occasions, but as the product name suggests, they're mainly used for soup, noodles and other hot foods. The two sizes are typically used as small and large options, allowing customers to choose depending on their hunger.

The 300 ml (12 oz) is used for a lot of different purposes. It is mainly used to serve hot food and liquids, such as soup, but some people also choose to use this size for snacks and other warm foods that customers would like to take with them on the go.

The 480 ml (16 oz) food cup is primarily used as the large option for customers who want to take their hot food on the go. This size is also suitable for ice cream, freshly cut fruits and various types of snacks. 

The main reason why so many businesses choose food cups with lids, is that it’s possible to print their entire surface, giving you the opportunity to present your brand exactly how you want and make your customers remember you.

To-go or to-stay?

Are your customers going to stay and eat at your place? Then food cups without lids would be the ideal choice. Give your customers a comfortable dining experience when they sit back and enjoy their meals in your place. However, if your customers are on the go, the food cups with lids are a great alternative, as they ensure that your customers can keep their meals warm. The lids are also a perfect solution for customers to conveniently store their food until they want to eat it. Whether the cup contains hot food, a snack, or a portion of noodles - the lid makes life easier for the customer!

Get a complete printed design on your lids to make your customers aware of your brand and make them remember you the next time they’re looking for takeaway food. You can display your logo, text or whatever you want - both on the cups and lids.

Freeze your food with our soup cups

You cannot only use the branded food cups with lids to serve hot foods, but they can also be frozen. This means they can contain ice cream, yogurt, fruits or other foods you want to serve after it has been frozen for some time. The containers can be frozen for at least 6 months without leaking or becoming less robust.

The custom printed to go soup cups with lids cannot contain high amounts of alcohol or fat, because this damages the plastic foil inside the lid and cup, which can cause them to start leaking.

European production

The soup containers to go are produced in Europe. This guarantees a short delivery time of only 5 weeks and minimum order quantities of just 1,000 pcs. We also deliver for free in all of the EU. Of course, we’re also happy to help you set up your design - completely free of charge.

The best thing about production in the EU is the low emission of CO2 during transportation due to shorter delivery distances, as well as the high quality of the production facilities.

Use more design to showcase your entire range

As we offer a low minimum order of just 1,000 pieces, you can easily get several different designs printed on your food cups and adjust them in line with events. Perhaps you want a seasonal look, represent different flavors or show off a new addition to your selection? You can adjust your design multiple times in line with the season or events!  

With each design, you’re able to tell the story of the products inside the food cup and make your branding more unique. The more unique each touchpoint is to your customer, the more trust and brand awareness it creates, which will make them choose you over your competitors in the future.

What else do our customers use branded food cups with lids for?

Food cups with lids can be used for a variety of purposes. Some customers actually use the food cups as packaging for their products they sell online. It doesn't necessarily have to be food, because food cups can also be a stylish and effective way to present other products.

To-go soup containers with lids can also be used to sell or serve breakfast and lunch. Many gas stations and cafés use them for, for example, yogurt and muesli, but also pasta salads. We’ve also had customers use the food cups for fruits and other sweets, seal and freeze them so they can be sold in supermarkets. Customers can then take them home and use the contents to make a refreshing juice or smoothie.

Overall, printed food cups with lids are perfect for all kinds of purposes, and we’ll gladly help you find out if they’re right for you and your business. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll find a solution! 

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