Custom printed wet wipes

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  • Wet wipes with kraft surface with logo
  • Custom printed wet wipes with fruit motif
  • Custom printed 'Georgian House' wet wipes with triplex surface
  • Custom printed 'Grill London' wet wipes with kraft surface
  • Custom printed 'Distilerija' wet wipes with blue triplex surface
  • Wet wipes with kraft surface with 'Cask 215' logo
  • Wet wipes with red triplex surface with 'Uncle Sam's - American PUB' logo
  • Wet wipes with black triplex surface with 'Trinity' logo
Wet wipes with kraft surface with logo

Custom printed wet wipes

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Get custom printed wet wipes for your business and make sure that your brand is personal. The wet wipes are perfect to give away with your greasy burger, ribs, pizza or seafood, so the customer can clean themself after a good meal. It is a win-win for you since it will both give your customers a better experience and the customers will see your logo again. 

Free delivery in all of the EU

Get your wet wipes delivered directly to your business or at your storage room for free. We can deliver them in 7 weeks without any cost, and if you are in a hurry we can deliver in under  weeks with express. If you have a deadline, then we can sometimes make the production go faster, but please contact us about this.

Not just one size

As a standard option, we have the size; 60x100mm since the 60x100mm is the most used size. You can also get other sizes such as 60x80mm or 50x120mm. We do though have the possibility of making the wet wipes in other sizes but if you would like this then please reach out to us. These sizes do only influence the paper used to wrap the cloth and not the cloth since it will always be 140x200mm. So using the different sizes of the wrapping paper for the cloth makes sure that you can get the design that you want on it.

How about the fragrance of the cloth?

The great thing about wet wipes is that they do not only help your customers with keeping their hands clean, but they can also have a fragrance that will make the hands smell nice and not of the food they have just touched. We have the option of 3 different fragrances, where two of them are alcohol-free and the last one is 70% alcohol. The one containing 70% alcohol has not been tested as antibacterial. The wet wipe contains 70% alcohol though costs more. The two other fragrances are alcohol-free, and they are lemon and soap. The most popular one is soap since it is really refreshing. 

Use wet wipes to enhance your brand

When making the design for the wet wipes there are actually a couple of things that you can use in the design process. The first thing is, of course, the number of colours used in the design, we use Pantone colours and you can get up to 4 Pantone colours in the design. And if your design is more complex than 4 colours then we can also use CMYK colours instead of Pantone colours. This means that you can use as many colours in the design without paying pr. colour you use. The wet wipe covers are made of paper so the design can cover the whole surface, so you can either choose a background colour or make a design that uses the whole surface.

The surface of the wet wipes

The other thing that influences the design process is the paper and the surface of the paper. We have three different surfaces for the paper/plastic that is wrapping the cloth, you can choose between glossy(paper), triplex(plastic), and kraft.

The glossy(paper) is the most used surface for the wet wipes, it is made of paper and it is naturally white, so it is easy to print all-over.

The triplex has a glossy surface, which makes it smooth and not textured. The triplex surface is made of PE plastic and it is naturally white, but you can print the whole surface with another colour if you would like that. The plastic makes the surface look shiny and it reflects light on it, so it gives a clean and professional look.

The last type is kraft, which is made of paper and the paper is naturally brown, it is used a lot to give a more natural look. The kraft surface can be printed all over but since the paper is brown, the print is often not reflected as well. 

If you have any questions for the design process of the wet wipes or need help with making it, then our design team is ready to help you make the perfect wet wipes for you.

Let us handle the design

Would you like free design assistance? We’re here to help! Contact us, or simply upload your artwork while ordering.

Our design team will then send you a free proof of a design for your approval. Request changes for free, until you are satisfied.

Handle the design yourself

We offer you an easy way to set up your design yourself. Download a template below, and follow the instructions within the template.
We suggest you working with our templates in Adobe Illustrator.

While ordering, simply upload your design. Our design team will then send you a free proof for your approval. Request changes for free, until you are satisfied.

Size of packaging60x100 mm
Cloth size140x200 mm
Paper typeTriplex, paper or kraft
Amount of colours4 Pantone colours or CMYK on request
FragrancesLemon, Soap og Alcohol
Pcs. pr. pallet48.000 pcs. 
MoQ5.000 pcs. 
Guaranteed shelf life2 years

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