Biodegradable double wall paper cups with logo

  • Custom printed 240 ml BIO-paper cup with matt surface
  • Custom BIO+FSC double wall paper cup 240 ml with glossy surface
  • Biodegradable 350 ml double wall paper cup with your logo
  • BIO+FSC double wall paper cup 350 ml with your logo
  • Customised 450 ml biodegradable paper cup with matt surface
  • Customised biodegradable double wall paper cup with glossy surface
Custom printed 240 ml BIO-paper cup with matt surface

Biodegradable double wall paper cups with logo

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Are you looking for paper cups that can contain hot beverages without the cups being too hot to carry around? Additionally, you are perhaps searching for a way to tell and communicate a story about your brand in either a ‘high-end’ or more ‘low-key’ manner? In that case, double wall paper cups are the answer to your prayers!

Double-wall paper cups are primarily used to serve a cup of black coffee, tea or other hot beverages, that are almost impossible to carry when served in a single wall cup. The double wall paper cups with logo can both be made in a glossy and a matt surface. The glossy surface will give the cups a more ‘high-end’ touch where the matt surface will give the cups a more ‘natural’ look.

About sustainability: Recycled, recyclable, plastic-free coating and biodegradable 

Ordinary double-wall paper cups have a thin layer of plastic inside the cup. However, at Limepack, we make the paper cups biodegradable and compostable by replacing the layer of PE or PLA plastic with water-based coating. This makes it possible to recycle the double wall paper cups in any paper recycling facilities.

What also makes our plastic-free paper cups more sustainable compared to ordinary paper cups is that they don’t use oil, allowing a lower CO2-emission during the production. In addition, the paper we use for the outside wall of our double wall paper cups is made of recycled paper, coloring the paper in a slightly grey color instead of a pure white.

Labelling of BIO paper cups

On the 3rd of July the SUP-directive will be enforced, this means that all drinking cups that contains plastic or materials that has same effect as plastic, will need to be marked with a label that says, “contains plastic”. Our BIO paper cups contains a very low amount of ink, which is comparable to the same amount of plastic as there is ink,  but since the law is very unspecific regarding where the threshold for containing plastic is, we are not able to determine whether our plastic-free paper cups should be marked with this label or not. Which is why we would put the label on these plastic-free paper cups, but if you do not wish this label on the cups, then we can produce the paper cups without the label but at your risk. 

Many design options, no additional costs

Offset-print is the most used printing method when printing in larger quantities. Offset as printing method ensures that the print on cup number one is similar to that of cup one million. Along with high-quality printing, you will get a lot of opportunities in terms of creating your design. This is mainly because we use full-colour print which allows you to use a large selection of all colours. You can choose all the colours imaginable without having to pay any extra costs.

To give you even more opportunities when printing double wall paper cups, we can produce them with two different surfaces; glossy and matt. Each of the surfaces allows you to portray your brand in a very unique way. If you are looking for a more natural expression then the matt surface is a good choice, but are you instead of looking for a high-end way to showcase your brand, then the glossy surface is the perfect solution for your coffee to go!

Double-wall paper cups in 3 sizes

As with our standard double-wall paper cups, we can also produce our BIO double-wall paper cups in 3 different sizes. We offer them in the following 3 sizes: 240 ml (8 oz), 350 ml (12 oz) and 450 ml (16 oz). Should you be requesting double-wall paper cups with a textured surface, we can also help you with this!

Where are the cups produced?

Our BIO double-wall paper cups are, just like the rest of our paper cups, made in Europe. This means lower CO2-emission during transportation, high quality, and low prices. At Limepack you can also order paper cups in small quantities delivered in 5 weeks.


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In this section can you check which certificates our manufacturer has. They have a larger impact on the quality and sustainability of the product than you would think. 

Good manufacturing practice

The organisation who checks and gives this certificate to both manufacturer of packaging for medicine as well as food packaging. The certification is regarding the quality and if the products are aligned with what the consumers expect. 

ISO 9001:2015

ISO-certification is well known around the world and especially ISO 9001:2015 are known as an indicator of the quality of one's products. That is due to that the certification has numerous principles for what describes the quality. 

ISO 14001:2015

This ISO-certification is about sustainability, specifically the environmental effects from the production and if it still complies with the ever-increasing demands for environmentally friendly products. 


The FSC trademark is known from a variety of different paper products, and through its widespread use it has become a symbol for sustainability. FSC is working to ensure that all paper material comes from forests which can guarantee a positive effect on the local environment, forest, and employees. We are FSC certified under FSC® C132484, SCS-COC-005763-BC

UNI EN 15593:2008
UNI EN 15593:2008

This is a certification that ensures that the packaging lives up to some basic demands regarding food contact and ensures that there are no materials that could have a negative impact on your health. 

Size240 ml (8 oz)350 ml (12 oz)450 ml (16 oz)
Height 93 mm 110 mm 137 mm
Diameter top 80 mm 90 mm 90 mm
Diameter bottom 51 mm 59 mm 59 mm
Weight 10,97 g 14,82 g 18,83 g
Surface Glossy or matt Glossy or matt Glossy or matt
Printing method Offset, CMYK Offset, CMYK Offset, CMYK
Quantity pr. sleeve 25 20 20
Quantity pr. box 500 500 500
Weight of the boxes, kg 6,68 9,09 11,06
Sizes of the boxes 415x335x510mm 566x368x515mm 564x366x610mm
Boxes pr pallet 24 16 12
Quantity pr. pallet 12.000 8.000 6.000

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