Express single wall paper cups with digital print

  • 100 ml white express cup with your logo
  • 180 ml white and orange express cup with your logo
  • 230 ml pink and turquoise express cup with your logo
  • 370 ml purple express cup with your logo
230 ml pink and turquoise express cup with your logo

Express single wall paper cups with digital print

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Are you planning on short notice with a tight deadline and want to make sure that you receive your very own custom printed cups in time for an upcoming event? Then look no further! Here at Limepack, we’ve got you covered! With your very own custom printed express single-wall paper cups, you’ll be able to spread your company’s brand and stand out within the crowd all the while without having to worry about receiving them in time!

Our express single-wall paper cups have a delivery time of between just 2-3 weeks and are the perfect way to make your brand grab people’s attention at an expo, trade fair or maybe even a private party, where you wish to represent your brand in an unique way!

Even faster delivery times

The express single-wall paper cup is the product with the fastest delivery time within our paper cup selection.  With a delivery time of between just 2-3 weeks, the express paper cups are the perfect and quick solution to easily and creatively showing off your brand when you are running low on time. We offer three different options for delivery time on our express cups, and you can choose between the delivery times: 5-9 working days, 10-14 working days or 15 working days. If you have a tight deadline to meet, it is important that you contact us to make sure we can guarantee your deadline. Please notice that the prices on the cups depend on the wanted delivery time.

Different sizes - infinite possibilities for use!

The measurements on the express single-wall paper cups are slightly different to our standard paper cup sizes. If you wish to order lids for your express cups, please notice that the express cups come with their very own corresponding lids. So please make sure to order the correct lids for your express cups since other lids won't fit them. The cups can be produced in the following 4 sizes:

  • ‘The Shot’ (100 ml)
  • ‘Pick-Me-Up’ (180 ml)
  • ‘Cup-of-Joe’ (230 ml)
  • ‘Mug-a-Chino’ (370 ml)

The express single-wall paper cups can be used for various purposes on various occasions - the possibilities are endless! Make yourself known with your express custom printed paper cups all while serving either a delicious hot cup of coffee or a refreshing lemonade - or anything else for that matter! Our express paper cups can not only be used to serve drinks, but are also perfect for serving various other snacks such as popcorn - so don’t hold back!

Digital print in all the colors of the rainbow

At Limepack, we work intensely to offer high-quality products with delivery times that make it easy for you to meet your deadline. All of our paper cups are printed in full-colour print using CMYK-colors, which means you are free to choose and mix almost as many colours as you'd like for your design on the cup without any extra cost - so go wild and be as creative as you want while creating the perfect design that represents your brand! 

Our express cups come with a matte surface, but it is important to notice that it can appear glossy depending on the amount of ink used for the colour and the darkness of it. The ink is neutral in both odor and taste. 

Our express single-wall paper cups are digitally printed, which can result in the final print being a bit pigmented. It is also worth mentioning that it is more difficult to print low-quality files such as pictures on the cups when they are digitally printed. Since this printing method does not require printing plates, it is possible to print various designs without any high extra costs. Please contact us at if you have any further questions about this.

Production in Europe 

All of our cups are produced by manufacturers within the EU to ensure low minimum order quantities of only 1000 pcs. and to be able to offer the fastest delivery times on the market.  However, the greatest advantage of the production within the EU is, without a doubt, the lower CO2-emission during the transportation of the express paper cups, which is an essential factor for us at Limepack. So you can have a good conscience while ordering your express paper cups from us!


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Size110 ml (4 oz)180 ml (7 oz)230 ml (8 oz)370 ml (12 oz)
Height59 mm75 mm85 mm105 mm
Diameter (top)62 mm67 mm78 mm85 mm
Diameter (bottom)44 mm46 mm55 mm58 mm
Weight4,57 g6 g7,55 g10,15 g
Printing methodDigital-print (CMYK-colors)Digital-print (CMYK-colors)Digital-print (CMYK-colors)Digital-print (CMYK-colors)
Printing areaFull-surface printFull-surface printFull-surface printFull-surface print
Sizes of the boxes65 x 45 x 6379 x 49 x 7087 x 57 x 80110 x 59 x 90

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